Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Video Of The Week: Mick Jagger

Ok, so sometimes my Video Of The Week is something I'm truly fond of (see Pearl Jam, Melissa Auf Der Maur, or Besnard Lakes). Other times, when I need a good laugh, it's pure, unadulterated, terrible, terrible cheese - like Hall & Oates.

I still haven't made up my mind about last week's post, which side it falls on.

But this week, it's no contest - the cheese is back - in a big fucking way.

I usually catch a lot of flack for my opinion that The Beatles are nowhere near the best band of all time. Some of my arguments include the fact that they're cheesy, half their catalogue consists of inanities ('Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da', 'Love Me Do', 'She Loves You'...), some of their best work was performed by others (see Eric Clapton's masterful job on the White Album), and at least one band member's legacy as a solo artist (John Lennon) comprises more profound subject matter - and is just plain better than his output with the band.

You could also contend that while the Beatles were singing their early teen-friendly ditties, The Who was already talking about their ge-ge-ge-generation. That Cream was more talented in every way. That The Rolling Stones were making something more important in transforming the blues into a way to pass real emotions onto real adults while also snorting the planet's complete drug supply and helping keep the rest of humanity drug-free by sheer lack of availability.

And I'd add that, after Elvis Presley shocked America's puritans and scared its parents shitless (and rendered their daughters shirtless), you weren't allowed to have a bona fide parent-safe clean Boy Band put so high in the hierarchy of rock - a dirty medium if there was ever one. It would be like saying the Backstreet Boys have had a bigger impact on music than Radiohead or Pearl Jam: inaccurate and impossible. Not to mention stupid.

But then the Stones took themselves out of the equation with stupid shit of their own, which includes pretty much Mick Jagger's complete solo career. And, sure, I could have hit two turds with one stone and featured his ''hit'' song with David Bowie, I'm just not strong enough to withstand that song at the moment, let alone its accompanying video. But this one comes close enough, I promise.

For starters, it ''takes place'' in a street. Well, mostly a highway, and via a terrible use of blue-screen technology, more apparent than weight on Roseanne Barr or orange on John Boehner's skin. Secondly, it includes some dancing on said street, although for many, it's mostly from pretending to run while smiling.

There also seems to be 10 variations on each single member of the Village People. Maybe there was a convention in town and Jagger had a blast there and invited them all over for the shoot, who knows?

But mostly, it's full of shit - and by shit I mean utter, perhaps even otter, crap. The song's called Let's Work, but it clearly doesn't, and neither does the video.

Mick Jagger - Let_s Work
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