Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Video Of The Week: Ramones

Inspired by my Facebook Status Battle Of The Bands (every day I ask my friends to vote between two music acts, a winner is declared and moves on to the next round), in which today's battle is: Ramones Vs Sex Pistols.

My choice is Ramones - and so far it's 9-0, a landslide I didn't quite expect, but one that makes an awful lot of sense when you compare the numbers: the Ramones came first, released 14 studio albums, 13 (!) compilation albums, and 6 live albums - to the Pistols' 1 studio album, 7 compilations (!!!) and 4 live albums.

Oh, and 2,263 shows in 20-some years with something like 4 different drummers, that's pretty impressive, as is having a Mötorhead song named after you. Oh, and dressing minimalistically as a statement, rather than being a pre-fabricated, glorified Boy Band.

But I also didn't want to ''just put a Ramones song'' here, I wanted something special, and I found it in their 1995 cover of the (1992) Tom Waits track I Don't Wanna Grow Up. Waits if perhaps my favourite songwriter out there, his songs touch me deeper than anything else, and he changes musical styles completely every 5 years or so, reinventing not just himself but his stories altogether. He is a huge Ramones fan - and they sent their love right back, like here:

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