Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Video Of The Week: The Rolling Stones

 So the ''best'' rock band of all time turns 50 this year, and is currently in the midst of a 5-concert series of overpriced shows to make another few million bucks in celebration. But The Rolling Stones have always been about making money - and occasionally taking too many drugs and sleeping with too many women and/or men - so we can't really hold that against them, now, can we?

My friend musician Patrick Hutchinson has a saying that the Stones are the world's greatest cover band of all time, and with their versions of classic blues pieces like Little Red Rooster and other pop staples such as Money (That's What I Want) do prove his point. Another great cover of theirs is their long-awaited (it came in 1995 on the Stripped record, after all) take on Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone, with the almost-stop-motion video directed by Michel Gondry and starring Patricia Arquette.

I won't lie - I did get this song back in my head following Steven Tyler's comments about Bob Dylan via Nicki Minaj, but a good song remains a good song, and Gondry's visuals are always pleasant to watch.

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